Urban Strategy Fund : A new Boston Real Estate Fund



The mission of the USA Fund is to deliver a “triple” bottom line to its investors:  

  • Return on investment

  • Enhancement of urban and economic development areas/communities 

  • A commitment to promote “green” (environmentally conscious) initiatives

Building upon the longstanding success of New Boston, the USA Fund has already begun to execute upon its mission with investments such as Olmsted Green, a 42-acre mixed-use, mixed-income sustainable community under development at the intersection of the Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester communities of Boston, MA. The joint venture with Lena Park Community Development Corporation will transform a site that sat idle for more than 25 years into a bustling new community with affordable housing, job opportunities, and facilities for skills training, fitness and nursing care.


We are taking full advantage of our strong East Coast regional presence, our full-service acquisition and development capacity, and our extensive experience in community development to efficiently implement our investment strategy.

By offering significant diversification by property types, geography and investment structure, the USA Fund is able to minimize risk for its investors – all the while making a positive impact on the communities where it invests.




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