Urban Strategy Fund : A new Boston Real Estate Fund

Product Focus


The USA Fund's product focus is primarily on the acquisition, redevelopment and development of mid-market, multi-family residential, office, warehouse/distribution, and retail properties. Geographically, the fund targets the Eastern United States from New England to Florida.


Projects are structured as either direct investments or joint ventures on a scale between $10 to $70 million, with the flexibility to make larger investments. The USA Fund partners with local investors, Community Development Corporations and other private nonprofits that receive profit participation, technical skills, and enforcement.


When considering an investment on whether it merits a place in the USA Fund's portfolio or not, the management team's priority will not only be to preserve and protect investors' capital, but also how a prospective opportunity can contribute to the following social objectives that contribute to the economic development and sustainability of a community as outlines in our Fund's 12 Measures of Success:

  1. Create housing for sale & rent that addresses all levels of affordability.
  2. Create permanent jobs & construction jobs for local residents, women & minorities.
  3. Stimulate third party & economic development in an area, thereby creating a ripple effect for each development.
  4. Offer goods, services & amenities that are missing or underrepresented in a community.
  5. Leverage the creation of infrastructure to benefit the broader community.
  6. Undertake projects of a scale that have a significant impact on the surrounding community.
  7. Invest in projects that offer residents job & career advancement at all levels of employment & structure local partnerships to facilitate this goal.
  8. Capitalize on institutional anchors in a community by offering supportive services that can benefit the community and the institutions.
  9. Partner with local CDCs & developers to assure participation by the local community in all aspects of the project's economics & approvals.
  10. Blend local & national tenants to create stability & growth in retail and office environments.
  11. Empower local minority & women development entities by offering expertise & financing in a joint venture structure.
  12. Develop & acquire "green buildings" that utilize sustainable & energy efficient technology.



Product Focus


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