Urban Strategy Fund : A new Boston Real Estate Fund

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The USA Fund was created to bring together developers, CDCs and local institutions to purchase, redevelop and develop all real estate types to help catalyze needed investment activity in urban areas. The fund sources and executes selected investment opportunities within urban and economically targeted areas, and focuses on “smart growth” and transit-related locations as well as the reclamation of underutilized lands.


The USA Fund:

  • Provides the majority of the project equity

  • Obtains project debt financing

  • Provides necessary guarantees as well as credit enhancements during both the pre-development and development phases

  • Augments the staffing and financial capacity of local developers and CDCs

  • Provides substantial pre-development dollars to allow implementation at a scale required to make an impact in the surrounding community


Investors, brokers, CDCs and other community members who wish to inquire about opportunities to partner with the USA Fund should contact Kirk Sykes ksykes@newbostonfund.com.




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