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Urban areas represent the fastest-growing demographic and a largely untapped source of investment opportunities. From 1990-2003, urban population in the United States increased from 188 to 227 million, or an average of 1.4% annually . Most urban centers are under-retailed by as much as 40%, and there is an insatiable demand for affordable middle income and workforce housing in most markets.

Increased development and redevelopment of urban areas over the last two decades have demonstrated that effective investment by private developers, often in cooperation with Community Development Corporations (“CDC’s”) and local political and civic leaders, can bring about significant change and renewed economic vitality in a community.

The USA Fund was designed to create value within the urban marketplace through the acquisition, redevelopment or development of residential, office, retail and warehouse/distribution properties. Our focus on “smart growth” and transit-related locations, as well as the reclamation of brownsfield sites, will open up many areas to redevelopment while accomplishing other important public policy goals.




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