Urban Strategy Fund : A new Boston Real Estate Fund



The USA Fund was organized to capitalize on New Boston's 50-year track record of real estate investment and development. Formed in 2004 as a Delaware limited partnership with $190 million of total equity from select institutional investors and a New Boston co-investment of $5 million, the ultimate goal of the USA Fund is to provide our investors with a competitive return on investment while striving to make a significant and positive economic, social and environmental impact on the areas where it invests.


Trends over the last decade indicate that more and more opportunities to invest in urban areas across the country offer not only considerable profitability, but also a way to revitalize urban centers. Meaningful investment by private developers, often in cooperation with community development corporations and local political and civic leaders, can significantly affect and renew the economic vitality of an urban area.


The USA Fund:

  • Supplies needed workforce/middle-income housing and retail amenities in select urban areas

  • Targets the development/redevelopment of office and warehouse distribution facilities within the city limits

  • Provides economic stimulus and enhance the quality of life for residents through the creation of jobs, needed amenities, and real estate and other tax revenues

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